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    YOUXING ENTERPRISE ADHESIVE CO.LTD belongs to exclusively foreign-owned manufacturer that specialized in developing and producing adhesive as well as the sales of its own. After the foundation of 1995, it insists on the development of high quality standard and its own brand. With its long enterprise culture, advanced equipment & excellent technical experts, YOUXING has been creating a dynasty in adhesive fields these years. It is comprised of multi-branch companies & factories. We have already built up many Labs at home and abroad,  we have the strong ability and equipments for the developing of the new products. With the advanced equipments and machines from Japan, our annual output is 2000 tons for the Cyanoacrylate and18000 tons for the Water-based PU Adhesive. We have already successfully developed the fragrant and environmental adhesive. Meanwhile we have got all kinds of both domestic and international certificate and patent. We have successfully seeked for some business partners from European and American, Southeast Asian, even the top 500 in the world.

    We always attempt to make Masterbond to be as our representative brand of top quality in the Adhesive Industry. We have made some perfect products successfully as following: Cyanoacrylate Adhesive; Super Glue; Water-based Polyurethane Coating Adhesive( PP, PVC, UV film coating ), Laminated Wood Glue; Wood&White Glue; General Purpose Glue; Nail Glue; Eyelash Glue; Label Glue; Anaerobic Screw Sealant Adhesive; Epoxy Glue; Hot melt Glue; Special Industry Adhesive; PP surface processing solvent; Activator, Primer and Glue Remove Series.

    Service Promise: YOUXING;MASTERBOND;FXBOND;SHARK, are the standard brands of our quality service.  We have the strong after – service such as: If there are some quality problems within the shelf life, we will refund the payment in 7 days. Now we are the first manufacture r  which can guarantee the 2 years shelf life for the instant super glue. And we can  guarantee the quality standard. We got the international Certification of ISO 14001:2004,ISO9001: 2008,SGS certificate of quality and non-heave metal certificate, the EU Standard No: GB05/64865.All the raw materials are fit to the FDA (U.S.A) standard,21CFR 175.105 for the water based PU adhesive.

    We are keeping up with the market information and new quality creation ideals, which serves for all types of manufacture industry and designs for family and office requirement.

    We are one of the leading manufacturers in the  field of adhesive and also the one of the largest 2 enterprises in Guangdong Province.

    Zhuhai Company

    Zhuhai Company is our basement and Export Department that mainly for developing global market and deal with International orders.

    Zhongshan Factory

    Our factory in Zhongshan is mainly for manufacturing Cyanoacrylate and 80% for export. Our products are mainly divided into 3 fields: industry, commerce and civil consumable, and industry with special characteristic (We have successfully developed series of products that instead of LOCTITE, America.)

    Our Equipment, Craft and Directions of producing chemicals are 100% imported from Japan.
    Regarding this advanced equipment that there is only 1 set in China that was imported in 2005 by ourselves.
    The difference between our present and traditional craft for the quality standard is as below:
    Our craft can make the solid content  higher up to 99.999%, the strength is higher up to 230-260KGF/M2, the shelf life is longer, not be yellowish after drying on the wood, excluding heavy metals. We get the craft without any letup and not separate into 5 to 6 steps for synthesizing against traditional craft. Of course, it should be the most advanced equipment and craft in China, for the traditional strength is 100-170KGF/M2 and the solid content can only up to 96%.
    The difference between our present and traditional directions for producing chemicals is as below:
    We produce strictly basing on Japanese Craft and directions and 90% materials are imported from foreign countries and mostly from world top 500. (We can show you the blueprint from Japan and part of directions’ list). With our more than 10 years’ marketing experience and according to the latest industry standard, our products can last up to 3 months in the oven under the constant temperature of 70 degree centigrade. Its shelf life can be 1-2 years and 2-3 years in Aluminum tube. However,
    for traditional craft, the products can only last  for 5 -15 days in oven under the constant temperature, and the shelf life is only 3 months or 8 months and can only up to 55 days tested in Japan.
    Validated by aging test, the strength of our products will only decline 5-10 percent. However for traditional that the strength will change after 3 months and will decline more than 60% in the 6  months.
    For the packaging, we have 6 filling production lines and the output capacity is 40,000 alum tubes per day and 6000,000 to 10 000,000 alum tubes per month. We strictly control the quality standard and make sure the pass rate is 98%-100%. The difference between other enterprises and our packaging is that we do every process carefully and seriously and pursue to make the perfection. We have never found any empty aluminum tubes, leakage and rejects after arriving the destination port. For the above point, we absolutely guarantee that if you give us enough production time, we believe that about the pass rate, we can reach  the standard requested and all products are full containers when the quantity between one hundred thousand and even over 1 million,
    Regarding testing, besiding strictly request and the standard of SGS, IS09001 and ISO14001,

    we add 2 points:
    (1). We will pick up some finished product and lay them for 5 to 7 days to check if any reject and if any leakage.
    (2). We will dip the products in the water for 1 hour and then put them into the oven for further testing, which to be completely validate the shelf life and foreseeable disqualification.

    For our market outstanding achievement, it reaches to 70,000,000 RMB this year and will be planed to 80,000,000—100,000,000. After reaching this goal, our company will change to share the stock of our limited corporation.

    Global Market:
    America; Great Britain; Russia; Pakistan; Sweden; Germany; Mexico, Danmark, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Spain, Canada, Madagascar, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, Dubai, Poland, Australia and so on.

    All above customers’ support are based on our preciseness, earnest, responsible for terminal consumers and before&after-sale service.

    Youxing Enterpris
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