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  • Notes

    Storage: keep in cool and dry conditions, avoid directly sun shine.
    Dry time means initial dry that just can not move
    To get the best intensity should be after 24 hours
    The intensity test means by testing the SU304 stainless metal
    The intensity of Ethyl2-cyanoacrylate superglue would not change its intensity even reach the limit of its shelf life.
    For its own physical character, Ethyl2-cyanoacrylate superglue would be a bit white after bonding, it is normal situation and not a quality problem.
    We promise that Ethyl2-cyanoacrylate superglue could resist a high temperature of 150℃,which means a intermittent temperature.
    The Ethyl2-cyanoacrylate superglue’s initial dry time sometimes would exist an error of 3 seconds’ because of the temperature and other environmental situation that beyond men’s control ability.
    An acceptable weight error is 3g:±0.1 g; 10 g:±0.2 g ;20 g:±0.5 g;  20 kg:±0.5k g.
    Please buy the qualified products in order to protect your rights and interests.
    Any action that would infringe our treaty mark, brand, patent and other intellectual property would be punished according to law and we would mete out severe economic sanctions to it, and such a report to us would be highly appreciated, we are glad to appraise this by material reward. An improve and perfect protection system would be useful for both of us.

    Youxing Enterpris
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